I understand the basis on the relationship concept

Dear Mark Hamilton, I understand the basis on the relationship concept, But I have a problem you see I am married but did not marry my wife because I loved her but to keep from being alone. I know someone may say ” then why are you still there after almost 11 years if you don’t love her”. Well I do care about her and she ask me all the time when will I give her my heart. Well like I always say she is my mans-wife not my gods-wife. I can’t afford to live on my own right now. A lot of women in my culture uses this vessel called child support instead of allowing a father to be a father. And with this vessel it tends to dismantle a man instead of constructing him. There are no support in a lot of relationships today because of society’s view on life. I have dreamed of my future gods-wife and met her. But because of my present situation I am deprived of happiness and joy. I don’t know what to do, because if I tell her how I truly feel then I will be asked to leave and right now I have nowhere to go or any money to take care of myself or assist her with the raising of our children. I am trying real hard to make a living out here but my past is hurting me and you have to jump through hurdles to prove that you are no longer who you once was. Please I ask you what am I to do?
Clarence L.

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