I suppose that I was one of the most skeptic people when I first was introduced to Mr. Hamilton’s literature

I suppose that I was one of the most skeptic people when I first was introduced to Mr. Hamilton’s literature. The first publication I was sent was hard to comprehend and in fact, pretty boring. I was however, intrigued by the philosophy and the ideas, so I trudged on with guarded interest. It wasn’t until I received my personal copy of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets that I succumbed to the wisdom and pure simplicity of the message within. Through different eyes I was able to view life and life experiences with a renewed hope. While I will always remain reserved and somewhat skeptical, I do so hope Mr. Hamilton will succeed in his aspirations. He truly is an inspiration and visionary. Converting peoples ideas and giving them a new perspective will prove to be a daunting task, yet I somehow know that he and his constituents will prevail. I would only ask that people take a moment and review some of his remarkable work, then judge for themselves. Sometimes when individuals are given the opportunity and tools to achieve, the results not only amaze themselves, but others who didn’t believe it possible. I will continue to watch Mr. Hamilton’s brave march to enlighten the “little people”. I am sure his assault on the ruling class will be met with great resistance as they become threatened by the individual. But if there is truly hope for mankind, it will be important for us to support and assist individuals such as Mark Hamilton.

It will be important for the established ruling class to discredit Mark Hamilton for that is their mode of operation. Their tactics are the same worn out clichés and dirt smears that have proven successful over many years. An example of these tactics can be witnessed in the current election campaigns. They use these smear campaigns on each other to accomplish their personal agendas, so I doubt they would have any qualms trying to ruin or discredit someone who attempts to threaten their little empires.

I cannot predict how successful the ideas and philosophies of Mark’s will be, but I think it is a rare opportunity for people to take back control of their lives and futures. Mr. Mark Hamilton, I can’t thank you enough for risking your entire life’s work and exposing yourself to great persecution for me and all the other “little people”. You truly are an inspiration and someone to be admired and respected. I bid you a safe and magnificent journey on your brave endeavors.


Tom C.

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