I sincerely Believe Mark Hamilton

To whom-ever It may concern.

For a little more than a year now I have been studying and reading from a vast source of information contained within the books Written by Mark Hamilton [ The Multi-Generational Manuscripts, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party, along  With many others.  From these books you will discover things that you were taught as a child to be possible but faded away as you got older and you finally realized that the Deceptions and Manipulations of the People [By The People In The Power Positions of All Governmental Levels Social, Educational, and even our Biblical Leaders.  Too many of our Politicians up through the years have Allowed the Greed for Money & power to engage in the Manipulation of Destroying, and Stealing of  Our God Given Sovereignty, Freedom, and Human Rights. There are too many Americans that were born in the last fifty or sixty years that don’t realize that our Government   controlled Schools have been Dumbing Down the people for the last Ninety Seven years. I mean every level of ALL SCHOOLS. We have here in America Millions of Laws, Rules and Regulations carefully designed to prevent us from being able to pursue the freedom 0f Life, Liberty, and Happiness.   How can we call America the land of freedom and be so oppressed by the Governmental and Agency control at the same time.  In 1955 my first job after getting out of the Air Force was installing fuel tanks and fuel systems in the Boeing B-52 Bombers in Wichita Kansas. The people from my area would have lunch in the same area as two or three other groups would. I was getting to know different people who were doing some very interesting inventive projects at home. I was especially interested in one man who was working on a carburetion system for his 1954 V8 Pontiac. I wasn’t able to get a chance to talk to him about his project because about 5 or 6 days after I got there he did not show up for a few days and my asking about his absence  started a long conversation with several of the guys he worked with. He had  made an up draft fuel system that gave his Pontiac over 50 Miles per gallon of gas. The normal mileage for those cars was 15 to 17.  He wanted to manufacture and sell his product but these guys informed me and all of the others that he was forced to sell it to some agency for  $125,000.00 He never came back to work while  I was there. That was my first experience at seeing the real truth about how the Government can steal what ever they want. He did not want to sell but was forced to sell it because, [ It was called a Fair Market Price & he was told it was an Offer He Could Not Refuse. ] I’m sure many of you out there will know what that means.

So now as I look back on my almost 60 years of Adult life I wonder,  why are we so stifled from having our Freedoms of Life consisting of Health and Well being, A Real Education & Opportunity to pursue Wealth, to Trust Respect and Love Each other,
and have Liberty of Growth in all of the above?
All of these things should be there for every Human Being, not just for the Elite and people in political power positions. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their essence of self without hindrance if it is beneficial or of value to mankind & creates no offense to their fellow man.  Knowledge of Health should be one of Mans Most Important Natural Concerns of his Life.
This should be taught at an early age.  Too many of our Doctors & Medical Science Schools have been so corrupted and Blatantly Misguided by the Pharmaceutical Companies that it makes me sick to my gut.
I sincerely Believe Mark Hamilton, his Brother and their late Father have done all of their writings with the hope of being able to show people of the world and especially here in America that every living person could be living a decent quality of life. It really could happen and and I believe it could be done quite rapidly IF IF? IF is a most powerful word for only being two letters. Knowledge is also very powerful with eight letters. IF KNOWLEDGE could be spread through out America to ALL of the people to
inform them with all of the Facts covering the Political History of  America from 1913 to now we would probably have a revolution on our hands. Health atrocities alone would be mind boggling.
The Evil and corruption in our so called Civilization with all POWERS&FIAT MONEY, Actually Being in the Hands of the most Elite of People Controlling our Government Using Our Politicians and various Leaders that WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED to DUMB US DOWN Through Our School Systems Causing it to be easier to Keep Us So Divided between our selves so that we don’t have the trust or respect for our fellow man or woman that we should have. We are wary and a little fearful of some of our neighbors and people we don’t know because in this day and age our world is full of Manipulators and Liars. Our Politicians Are the Most Talented at Deception because they have been Trained for it. The most of them are Lawyers and Judges. These so Called Politicians are destroying the quality of Life Liberty and Happiness for we the people What do you think it would be like in America today if we had been required to pass a paralegal course in Basic Law  before being graduated from High School. I think it would make a
Tremendous difference if we had that one item requirement. Most of my grandchildren have been home schooled and have been made aware of our Governmental problems.
After I bought Marks books I started to use the computer and due to my arthritis and three crooked fingers I am very slow at getting much written so this has taken me several hours to do. I just want everyone to know, THE TRUTH CAN SET US FREE
I am very thankful for having the opportunity to acquire Mark Hamilton’s books and I am very impressed and pleased with the straight forward What is,  is which is simply [ not so common,  Common Sense. ] I have not read every thing in these books but I
have learned many things about life in general that I had given up on.  I was able to feel the natural feelings that Mark talks about in these books. Tons of great information about starting a business or improving the one you have. The importance of Love and
Honesty in every thing we do is of great value to our selves and everyone we Communicate and Integrate with. We all will benefit from looking in the mirror  and thinking about some of these things we have read. I know these books have been great for me.
I do know that I love and care about the few people that I have met Personally and I have learned to have these feelings for all of them I have heard on the webinars.
I sincerely hope the people that are introduced or discover this Society of People will do some serious research into these books before they make any pro or con decisions.  If they will look into the general essence of this entire society of people who are,   with Mark Hamilton’s writings, becoming charged like a newly charged battery. They come away with new ideas, and new wonderfully positive feelings about their lives, the lives of their children and grandchildren. Its all about integrating, being honest within our selves, learning to trust, respect each other and working together creating values for the betterment of mankind. In this process of a new way of life we will discover that we really can learn to love our Neighbors and truly feel and enjoy them.

John W. P.   My family & Friends  call me Wes

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