I see now the ESSENCE of things…

When I first received volume 1 I scanned Thur the book and was stunned to read a part that there was no God , I said to myself, what is this, how could anyone say this. All my life I believed, but as I read on it was like being hit with a thunderbolt, all these things I am reading made so much seance to me. Ive been waiting all my life for this divine intervention that I know now, will never happen. I see now the ESSENCE of things, my life has changed so much since Ive been reading these books, Ive have had two failed marriages, one to a controller and one to an alcoholic, so when Noe-tech came into my life just when I was going thru my second divorce and living in the basement of a friends house, just keeping my head above water, it was life changing. After my first marriage I lift with two bags of cloths and $400.00 in my pocket, I worked 2 jobs 7 days a week for 2 years. Then I met my second husband and thought this is it the love of my life, will be together for ever, sharing our lives as one. well that didn’t happen, he tuned out to be another controller, an alcoholic and cheep. I could go on and on about things, but what I really want to say is how Neothink has changed my way of thinking, and how to look for the Essene of things and to find my Friday Night Essenes, which I have done. I now have a new car, I bought the business that I have been working at for 5 years and just bought my very own house and its all because of NT, my new way of thinking. I still have much to learn and absorb and I am very confident that I will only be moving forward, in fact I believe I have a second FNE that I am working on at this time and with NT I know it can be done. So Thank You very much Neothink and I am looking forward to being with you for a very long time.

Truly, Truly Yours Michelle R.

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