In June of 96 I was nearly killed by my supervisor,.he attacked me from behind with a hammer,he struck me 1st in the back of the head,2nd in the back of the neck as i turned i was struck in the chest the fight was on ,with super human strength  and speed similar to the movie the matrix.We were fighting on 4 in. pipe work, I lost my footing and slipped he then struck my knee dislocating it. Shots rang out.He dropped the hammer. I soon passed out and was taken to the hospital. Since the hammer didn’t fall out of the air this was not compensated by workers comp. I Untrained in law prepared my case,and won. I got the badly needed knee surgery received my back pay.My supervisor escaped prosecution because I was on parole for pot.he even kept his job.Aug.97 as a result of a police canvas i helped catch a man that raped 12 yr. old simple minded boy. Unknowing to me his roommate took upon himself to get even.he approached me we had a couple of beers, as the night came to an end I had told him exactly how my supervisor got away ,while shooting darts at a nearby club.AS i put the keys into unlock my door he placed a knife 5 in. into my back.when i came to I was standing over him and he was crying pleading for his life his face resembled that of motorcycle wreck.The knife missed all major organs and I LIVED. Using the same techniques his lawyers launched a smear campaighn.he also escaped. I went into deep depression A WALKING COMA..i became reclusive.In 2004,as somewhat a joke I entered a reality show American Candidate.They sent me an entry form consisting of 100 questions.What happened next I wasn’t prepared for I considered it a spiritual awakening. Here at NEOTHINK it would be considered a jump to NEOTHINK. I NOW SAW THE WORLD THROUGH DIFFERENT COLOERED EYES.It would take 6 weeks to prepare my manuscript and video. When i mailed it I knew my life would change. I thought i was alone for in my VISIONS  I SAW UTOPIA .HEAVEN ON EARTH. I SAW THE ANSWERS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD.For example same sex marriages, GAY PEOPLE ARE DENEID benefits in disability and death of there life partners because there is not a contract of marriage. Medicaid and Social Security are broke. By eliminating Payroll deductions  to Insurance companies and making the people investors in their own heath program Everyone could have privately own heath care.By combining Social Security and GOVT .secured 401k. Their retirement would be enhanced.
In October 2005  I went the doctors office as a result of headaches and pain in my neck ,I won lifetime medical in my workers comp. hearing. I was refused medical treatment. I am a former Marine so I went to the V.A. I was given MRIs on my neck and back, the back was service related. My neck MRI showed an old injury which my neck had been broken untreated my neck had grown back deformed. The Drs informed me that as a result of the deformity, pressure caused by reversal of the cervical  curve I had approximately 3 to 5yrs before I would be paralyzed from the neck down .Because of  degenerative disc. disease the Ins. Co.would turn me down for medical attention. The ANTI-CIVILAZATION OF CORPERATE AMERICA had WON. through NEOTHINK. I would FIND a venue in which others like me are fighting back.!  


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