I really need to thank Mark Hamilton with all my heart for all that he has done for me…

Hello Mark Hamilton.

To put it simply, I love being a Neothink member so much. I know that by being part of this great organization with all the wonderful and vibrantly happy and dedicated people, I will go somewhere in my life. I will make my life something special that I can cherish for years and years to come with my Neothink family and other people who understand who I am. Mark Hamilton has done a magnificent job of teaching me and others how life is supposed to be lived in contrast with life that most people sadly live. I really need to thank Mark Hamilton with all my heart for all that he has done for me; I appreciate you for changing my life so that I can live out my potential and help actualize the C of U on earth.

As for the Twelve Visions Party, I am very proud to know that despite all the corruption that is going on regarding politics in the U.S. and around the world, life for people WILL get better with the help of the TVP. Once we have real honest business people operating the government, the geniuses of society will be free to make sure that people all around the world have the lifestyle that rich people have currently. I definitely want to give a big thanks to all the Neothink members that are make the TVP a reality for all people to enjoy, for you are the people that will be appreciated and applauded for making the lives of the average human much better and happier.

For my life in general, I have always wanted to become a millionaire since I was a kid. I’ve always had the drive to be successful no matter how much work I would have to do to get there. Although I’ve been through many challenges and obstacles throughout my life (some currently) even with my own relatives, I will accomplish my dreams and goals that will help me to be the person I have envisioned myself to be.

To sum things up, I really appreciate all the things I have learned from Mark Hamilton and his multigenerational manuscripts that I know I will share with my children, grandchildren, and so forth. Even with the challenges and obstacles around me, life is great and getting better for me every day. Even with most people around the world being in an enclosed shell of the mind, I know that I can help them live up to their full potential just like Mark Hamilton helped me and others. Life is good everyone, and now is the time to get your riches in life that you honestly deserve.

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