Mark Hamilton  MY SAVIOR WHO saved me from my old thinking
he guided me out of the ROUTE RAT Mark Hamilton cares for me and for
anybody else….His Benevolence goes beyond his LOVE for the conscious
life is amazing I eternally will be with you.

Neothink society helped me to understand me better society of secrets are my life
they help me to move on in life I have now hopes in a free WORLD free CHOICE that soon will take place.

Ant civilization camouflaged CRIMINALS POLITICIANS CRULLERS
we allowed neocheaters they deliver decline and death to everyone.
They spiritually impoverish ,and then KILL EVERYONE

TVP will take care business of those parasites TVP means FREEDOM.
HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT TVP means that and more

The prime literature from Mark Hamilton is in my SPIRIT,BODY, AND SOUL
is in my vanes is in every walk of my life.

That was my testimonial from a 66 year old man I LOVE YOU MARK

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