I love that idea–an honest supercivilization

I love that idea–an honest supercivilization. Wow. Yes, and to do it, as you say, we must overcome all the base lizard-brain instinctual, ‘power over,’ and ‘top dog’ impulses. And that doesn’t mean that no one will have better ideas, or deeper understanding, or greater comprehension of the big picture–sure they will–and as such, they will still help everyone else, still be leaders…it will just be different, since the people will be independent thinkers, not sheep led to the slaughter, and those who want to lead will lead out of a magnanimous and overwhelming desire to help, to be a part of the solution–not creating more problems via their own selfishness and egotistic agendas. Ditto that there will be people with more money and less, more creativity and less, since everyone is not the same–and hooray for that! What a boring world it would be…but still, it will be different even then, since if humans are caring about each other, then there will be enough for all, and those with so, so much, like Microsoft/fb creator/huge mega corporations will understand that to give half back every few years (for instance) will keep the world’s financial structure afloat by not tying all the money up in too few hands, plus assign a certain amount to a planet care fund that ensures all those who benefit the most, also help out the most. Just some ideas I’ve been toying with….

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