I learned so much in my 3 heirloom books…

I’m Willie J. level-6 apprentice at this time. My Mother whom I loved
very dearly just passed away 9/06/07, with everything that I know about this
anti-civilization, I’m still crushed by my Mom’s death, my sadness is
knowing how close Mom came to human immortality. I made a vow when I was 8
yrs. old that I wouldn’t put my Mother in a Nursing Home against her will, I
kept that promise till her death, being there to do whatever was needed
everyday with very little assistance, see if I tried working outside my home
Adult Protective Services wanted my Mom placed in a Nursing Home.

My reasoning was simple mother was my best friend in life, when I couldn’t
take care of myself, my Mother took care of me, it’s only right that I
should do the same for someone who has been so wonderful and generous to me
for my whole life, after all I was single when she became ill, my Mother has
two Sons and my Brother is married and has a wife with similar health

For the past 4 years I was taking care of my Mom, because she was a widow,
who had diabetes and later developed kidney problems, she had to go no
dialysis 3 days a week, I watched a hospital’s negligence claim her life in
less than a 30 day period, she went in and out of the hospital 3 times,
because she was 77 yrs. old she was not important in this ruling class
civilization, simply because of health problems, the only suggestion from
the hospital was a Nursing Home.

I just had to say this first, I would like to bring a law suit against the
hospital and responsible parties, finding a good Lawyer to take this case
because of my mom’s age has been a problem, it’s a crime what’s being done
to the elderly in this country and around the world.

During my Mother’s illness I learned alot about diabetes and ways to combat
this disease with diet, thru the diet I prepared she no longer needed pills
or insulin to lower her sugar levels, she was free from the diabetic
medications, though I wasn’t paid, I was very successful in what I was doing
and learning, it will go a long way in helping other one day should I write
on the subject of Diet and Diabetes.

I haven’t to this point subscribed to the Neothink web-site, I will do this
very soon, because I need to get in contact with my fellow apprentice’s and
Neothink members. I will remember to say Society of Secrets.

I haven’t worked on a job since I’ve been taking care of my Mother. My
income was very small and my finances has dried up completely now, I’m not
complaining. I’ve been taking a course on Web-site Design since Jan. 2007
and I have about 8 lessons left, I’ll finish my course before the year is
out. I’m a Computer Technician also but I’ve never held a job as a
Technician, I completed that course in 1995, my skills a numerous, I prefer
to work with Computers and Advancing Technologies, I’m looking forward to
getting back to work very soon.

I learned so much in my 3 heirloom books, I’m ready to help bring an end to
this anti-civilization, it simply disgusting to the core, I have to start my
life all over again at the age of 46 but I’m not afraid because I’m armed
with a purpose, defending all human life and helping humanity to prosper.

This is my first time contacting you Mark, I’ve been sitting on the
sidelines watching the meetings and the progress of my fellow apprentice’s.
I’m glad to see everything moving forward in a positive manner, I’m
interested in the 12 Visions Party and Advancing the Society of Secrets thru
the meetings. I need to find out where the nearest A-Team meeting is located
to Fort Worth, Texas.

When I get my mind clear of the grief, anger and depression, I can begin to
play at life and build a financial super-puzzle for myself, for my knew
knowledge will carry me a long way when coupled together with the Neothink
lessons and multigenerational books. I know the future is here today, what’s done
today determines what happens in future days to come.

I now understand that; words without actions is null and void, if a person
does not sow anything, what shall they reap except what he or she has sown,
nothing!! It’s so hard for the masses to understand that creativity with
their mind is the way to escape this stagnated existence in this
anti-civilization. I now understand the hidden meaning of what Jesus was
saying “As ye sow, ye shall also reap”.
I’m looking forward to the level-7 meeting.
Your Apprentice,

Willie R. J.

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