I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling “The ruling Class” as …

I just wanted to say I am not so sure about labeling “The ruling Class” as “Parasitical Elite”. In essence they have their money the way they have their money, and So I say good for them. That part really doesn’t matter. What matters if those with money and power are improperly using power and oppressing others…that is where it is wrong. But Hey, You have 500 millions in assets, and 10 millions in the bank, good for you, just don’t misuse power and don’t oppress others.

I believe it was around 1987.  About to enter my last year of chiropractic school, I was sitting in the kitchen with my dad and mom.  Just a day or two before, I had given my dad a copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic: Think and Grow Rich to check out – and he was already finished reading and telling me what he thought about it.

My dad was very outgoing, gregarious, and extremely loving.  Recently retired from the American Can Company with whom he has made an almost unprecedented move from blue-collar to white during his decades of employment, he was finally free to pursue all of his hobbies.  There were many.  Some, such as breeding and racing pigeon homers, he left behind when making the move from the house in Hayward, CA, where my sister and I grew up, back to the same house in Alameda, CA that I had spent my first four years and my sister two .  Some, such as lapidary – cutting and polishing gemstones to make belt buckles, necklaces, rings, and the like, were new.  Others, such as stamp collecting, bowling, golf, and oil painting, were ever present — and he was always an avid reader.

I can’t really remember now exactly what my dad’s thoughts were regarding Think and Grow Rich.  I wish I did.  Not because of any special significance this particular book has had in my life, but because, about six years later, I lost my father, my confidant, my hero.  I miss him now as much as ever – and with every memory cherished, any detail lost is unkind.

I miss how even in his 60s my dad’s bowling ball flew down the alley faster than anyone else’s, how comically angry he got playing golf and how excited he always was to show off his latest canvas or faceted cut – and I regret that he missed the opportunity to check out the three, massive books that I acquired well over a decade later – in the vicinity of 2005.

Filled with the kind of information I was never taught during my 25 years of formal education, these three books are appropriately called heirlooms. Along with a couple short yet significant contributions by his mother and brother, these three masterpieces were written by Mark Hamilton.

During the period these books came to me, I had already been forced into early retirement by a disabling, arthritic right hip.  Although my chiropractic career was over, born within the 3000+ pages of these books, was a knowing and a feeling that I would be led to something just as worthy or even better to fill this void in my life.

I vividly recall receiving the second heirloom a month or so after the first, and I could hardly wait for the letter letting me know the third was now available.  But months passed, and this letter never came.  Since there was a public website directly associated with the authors and what is now called the Neothink Society, every now and then, I would take a look – first of all, to make sure it was still up and running, and second of all, with the hope of discovering the reason or some clue helpful in revealing why this letter was so long in coming.  Early on, after first learning of this website’s existence, not only had I devoured every word it contained, but I had even downloaded and printed every page to create a small book in its own right.

Finally, just as I was about to see if I could contact the publisher directly, my website vigilance was rewarded – of a sort – because it certainly wasn’t in a way I would have hoped.  For what seemed like a year, this website was dormant and unchanging; then, all of a sudden, an endless string of condolence letters appeared – all addressed to Mark Hamilton’s mother on the loss of her husband.  It was then that I realized that Mark Hamilton had lost his father too.  This unfortunate news provided explanation.

Not long after that, I received my third book: Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. I soon discovered that the Neothink Society – a large following of individuals who had also read what I had (and many other publications by the same authors) — had recently gone public.  I found out that a group of these individuals was just beginning to meet once a month in the SF Bay Area. I joined them.  After seven of us decided to organize and lead these gatherings, I became its secretary.  Without any prior experience or predilection for secretarial work, I did that mostly because we needed one.

Although from Mark Hamilton’s books I had learned and completely understood the critical nature of the Twelve Visions Party, and I knew another group of individuals in California had been formed to further what this stands for, it was primarily because they needed a secretary also that I took on this position for what is now called TVPCA.

Then in late 2008/early 2009, the group that was forming to spearhead the Twelve Visions Party nationally needed of all things: a secretary.  Need I say more – except to point out that in May of 2009, the Twelve Visions Party had its inaugural National Convention.  It was then and there that Mark Hamilton officially appointed the seven individuals required to fill officer positions on the National Twelve Visions Party Executive Committee.  I was one of them.  After being appointed secretary on this committee, I realized that the knowing/feeling that “something just as worthy or even better” would come along, had materialized.

As a chiropractor, my ability to render service to others was limited to the patients I treated on a daily basis.  With my role as secretary at the three different levels already noted: locally, with my Neothink group in the Bay Area, at the state level, with my other TVPCA officers and members, and nationally, with my fellow executive officers; my ability to render service to others has expanded enormously – primarily due to the sheer number of people with whom I’m in contact.  Although the type of service I now provide is obviously quite different than what it was as a chiropractor; quite frankly, what I’m doing now seems more meaningful.

For one thing, at all three levels I’m doing quite a bit more than simply taking minutes.  In fact, I’ve recently become one of 14 mentors.  Using the Internet and the teleconferences route as modes of communication, we are teaching classes based upon Mark Hamilton’s writings.  For another thing, the Neothink Society and its Twelve Visions Party movement are both growing.

Just about everything I’ve said so far has pertained to me and what Mark Hamilton, his literature, and his Neothink Society have done for me.  I want you to know for a fact, as I do, that locked inside the Neothink literature is a multitude of new ideas, new understandings, and new ways to look at our own lives, our society, our country, and the world – all of which pertain to you as well.  The potential that all of this has to dramatically change everyone and everything around us for the better is almost unimaginable.  That’s why with all my heart I so deeply encourage you to delve in and investigate for yourself.

I’m sure there are a number of books I could list that deserve to be read by everyone–and the world would be a better place because of it.  For example, Think and Grow Rich, just to bring us full circle, might be one of them.  But nothing I’ve ever seen compares with the Neothink literature.  Nothing I’ve seen comes close to offering the kind of cutting edge, practical/factual information to better our lives individually and collectively.

Individually, you will discover: 1.  How to double, treble, and even quadruple your work output per unit of time; 2.  If you haven’t already, how to find our true passion(s) in life; 3.  How to turn that passion(s) into reality – with improved health, longevity, prosperity, and relationships along the way – just for starters.

Collectively, you will discover so much that I find it impossible to appropriately convey in just a few words.  Suffice it to say that with the world’s population just one button push away from total annihilation, how much more valuable can it be than to know there is a simple formula that can remove this threat forever and turn this world of ours into a paradise available to everyone, everywhere?

But this kind of information and knowledge is not without its price.  Throughout history, we have seen how those ruling over us, do whatever they can to maintain their power.  That’s why the “simple formula” I just mentioned has been kept secret by the ruling class elite for over 3000 years.  That’s why Mark Hamilton and his father have had such a difficult time getting something so honest and true as their literature, out there.  Why this is so, you will find out – but only if you have the willingness and the courage to do that on your own.  Just as I know what my dad would do, I hope you do, too.

Loren T.

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