I just wanted to recognize Mark Hamilton and NEOTHINK and give you a…

I just wanted to recognize Mark Hamilton and NEOTHINK and give you a BIG thanks for all your heads up awakening, that you have sent our way through the NEOTHINK literature.  Since I became a member last year, my life has changed like never before!

I was in the mist of getting a separation from my 10 yr. relationship with the mother of my two little girls.  It was really killing me inside to think that I was losing my family, due to the frustration and anger that had built up over the years…as I continually worked to make things happen for us to move our lives forward. Things just kept on getting worse!!!

After we both started reading the manuscripts, our lives started to improve and we became happy in our relationship….wow!!

Now, a year later we have decide to get married and are tying the knot on our 10th anniversary of us starting to go out together.

Once we both realized that we were listening to the wrong advise and began using the 10 second miracle in our daily life. Everything started to change.

Now, I can honestly tell you that this is the most truly AMAZING teaching that is out there!

If you want to be happier and more successful in your life….you must take a good and deep look into NEOTHINK and all that Mark Hamilton has to share with us.

Even though things are doing much better for us. I know that I can still continue to grow even more in my life……:))

Thanks Mark and we will keep you close in our hearts as an act of true appreciation for all you’ve done for us.

Love you tons,

Jeff & Annette

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