I joined the Neothink society because I can see the value


I feel this is my first time actually talking to you.

I joined the Neothink society because I can see the value and the necessity to better mankind from the system which we are living.

I know what’s exactly at stake when you’ve been working on something for so long, over 20 years for me, and you can lose it all.  I’m still in that state, where I’m depending on the society to help and in return I could be of great value to the survival of your work.

Please allow me to explain how.  First of all, if there is any way to keep from becoming public- I would seek that route.  It’s better to wait and survive than not and have everything taken away from you.

Worse case scenario is what you are talking about.  Let me be your “Ace in the hole”  and let me tell you how.  I have a Non-Profit youth organization- Gil’s Professional Youth Services (GPYS).  My vision is to integrate Neothink into my system (a 15 year progressive system) which will disguise the teachings from those who want to harm the society and at the same time those that experience and integrate into their lifestyle their true beliefs, in a decade, if GPYS gets into the school system and provide services for all youth, we are talking about Millions of youth that will believe in the society.

Back to worse case scenario, the media brain wash the public into rejecting you and the society and you lose everything- Or make the public (those of influence) believe that you are dead and no longer exist.  Then GPYS will still be operating, and if everything goes to plan, ironically- with federal funding- if need be, GPYS will be self sufficient and grow in membership rapidly.

I hope this information doesn’t come to a surprise, for I know there are great sources out there that controls how business is operated world wide.

Thank you for your time,  Gilbert

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