I Joined The Neothink Society

I joined the Neothink Society for two primary reasons. The first is a personal one.  My wife is confined to a wheel chair.  As her disability intensified, I have been able to leave her alone for less and less time.  Consequently, when my last position as a software developer ended, I had to seek methods of making money at home.  To that end, I started trading stock options on line.  This met the need for income, but, at the same time, it increased my isolation.  I started looking for some avenue which would give both of us more participation with people.  The Denver A-Team has helped to correct the isolation.

The second reason contains within it two subsections, if you will.  I have a background in biology, especially evolution and genetics.    I also have had fairly extensive training in anthropology and archeology.  This is coupled with a love of history.  All of this has given me an insight to the conditions of mankind.  I know that we are, as the song says, trembling on the brink.  It seems that the most likely path for our species, as with the vast majority of species which have existed on this planet, is extinction.  The threat is self induced.  We have the collective ability to, shall we say, commit species hari kari.  Our social and political structures are self destructive.  Should we manage to avoid self destruction through the political/social mess we are in, then we have to face the fact that if we do not find a means of migrating off this planet, we will still face extinction.  The Neothink Society seems to have the means at hand through which we can take control of our society and our future.

I know that in terms of being a testimonial, this is not one.  I have never been, and have no desire to ever be, any kind of a cheer leader.  So, to fill the requirement, this is what I am providing.


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