I joined Neothinking under Mark Hamilton since 2008

First of All, I am deaf-hearing impaired person. I joined Neothinking under Mark Hamilton since 2008. I love his books makes me do it. I am involves in 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, I creative several products, “Dream Vision”, “Unusual Benefits Cards”, “Unusual Useful Natural Time Calendar”, “Mini Budget Scratch Pad”, “13-Moon Weekly Notes”, and more… (all of it, coming soon)

Three important reasons… I know two, on both sides are very important to me and make long story short…

One Reason: My Opinion “Neothinking” is A MUST, I thought “Hurray!
Neothinking keep it up and keep going for our and Mark Hamilton’s sake! I knew, Neothinking are very successful, improvement for the better in this Earth and people, etc. It’s unique like flick A MAGIC came from our incredible mind. TRUST ME, worth It and it’s about special love, responsible and much more… you can do it and It won’t disappoint you.

Two Reason: My beloved Mother had been through and passed away in 7-17-2008, age 72. I handle all of Mother’s stuff and routine at same time I keep up with Neothinking but right after she passed away, I start to realize that I could not keep it up. I want to say, I wish for Neothinking the best and be successful. To my special friends, who help me whole lots in the past, thank you for taking your time with me, my dearest friends, again Thanks!

And Third Reason: No Money to building A House Club, etc. and I will love to keep open my the fun workshop includes 13-Moon Calendar. Right now, I continue to building Website and next will be workshop project, that is my goal and I thank to Mark Hamilton for courage to all of our happiness people in this world! Once Again, Trust me…
Join any workshops and club houses under Mark Hamilton’s variety Neothinking Departments and It will make MY DAY! Thank you…

Patricia C. M

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