I have rediscovered a love for my wife…

My Neothink testimony,
In the year of 2005 i answered the call(a letter) from the neothinksociety. I have been studying the ideas since that time. As i confronted my own mysticism, which was only possible by the great author “Tracy Alexander”. I entered into a cycle of great peace that was followed by chaos. That is what  I  have learned is a creative cycle. Then i entered into control of my life.
I went from a line worker, to a Team Leader in March of 2007.
I entered college at the age of 41 in the year of 2006. I feared this greatly. My major is business management. As of this date of October 2007 i have a grade point average of 4.0!!!  WOW, i would of never known i had this ability. I am on the DEAN LIST!!!  I tell you it is only by removing mysticism from my life that i was/am able to accomplish this.
As Team Leader at work i am able to use the tools from studying NEOTHINK.
In 6 short months as a Team Leader by  applying the reality honest approach at my JOB, which is one of the BIG three auto companies. I have successfully had a major recording document changed to better sever the company and the employees. Also through direct contact with the plant manager through email. A Meeting that the Team Leaders were trying to bring to the floor from control of the elites (“upper management”) That meeting  is now held on the floor with the people.
I have rediscovered a love for my wife that i lost a long time ago. Tears are now flowing from me because i have used words to hurt her and they cant be taken back. She doesn’t believe that after  14 years I  have love for her. I want to be her friend now but it might be to late. AND THAT HURTS. It is very hard to write while i cry over my loss. But i do see the sparkle in her eye for me. I know she loves me and through NEOTHINK with love and patience.    HONESTY will light our way,which ever way that might go.
THANK YOU, Mark H, Tracy A, Eric S,and Frank W

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