I have read Mark Hamilton Neo-Tec/Neothink literatures

Surviving near death situations, came hopelessness, worthlessness, putdown, and then I was completely   down. My health, social life, and family life became hopeless.   In the mist of these hopelessness with no where else to go, I turned to Mark Hamilton, Neo-Tech/Neothink teachings about honesty, and the life you were meant to live; followed by Hapiness, Prosperity, Peace, Love, and especially freedom from want, hatred, and destruction.

Mark Hamilton want us (rich or poor) to experience a world of beauty/happiness. Following and applyiny his teachings, I can honestly say that my life has changed from hopelessness to wanting to live forever (immortal).

I have read Mark Hamilton Neo-Tec/Neothink literatures and my understanding is an invitation of good life full of hope, opportunities, prosperity, and most importantly, a civilization of freedom where life become meaningful, enjoyable, and flourish. I would like people to join me and embrace the hand Mark Hamilton is extending to us a good life; so that we/ our children will experience a life full of exhilaration and our businesses flourish. His literature is calling out for us to know and understand that there is a better way to live a wealthy, healthy, happy life and even to live far longer than we do today.e.g. The cure for aging. for more information go to neothink.com.

Applying Mark Hamilton Neo-Tech/Neothink literature, one day I looked out the window, all I saw was nothing but natural beauty. I sat for a moment and pondered over it and then I wondered if other people could see it the way i did. I came to understanding and concluded that we humans are gifted in different ways just like the geniuses in Mark Hamilton’s literature. I believe a beautiful/peaceful world is what Mark Hamilton has or has been working so hard to get across to us, the message of a civilization of peace, where life matters, and where there will be no force imposed on us .e.g. the preamble.

I know certain people may try to or have been trying to undermine his good intention; therefore, i’m calling on all the geniuses in our society to join me to spread the good news of Mark Hamilton’s Neo-tech/neothink.