I have read all three of the manuscripts and gleaned so much from them.

Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton:

I have read all three of the manuscripts and gleaned so much from them.  I found the information in the manuscripts very helpful.

The greatest gift of the three manuscripts is how to format the business structure to work in an existing business.  It has helped me to understand and organize my business; how to increase sales and acquire new leads; and finally the importance of follow up after the sale.  Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful secrets with us.  I have seen a 100% growth in my business since finishing your manuscripts. I diligently read every word of the three manuscripts, including the testimonials at the end of the books.

You stated in your letter that you were concerned about the backlash posted on the internet and of the FTC shutting you down.  However, I am quite sure the First Amendment protects you from shut down.  It is difficult to imagine the government shutting you down unless the government considers your information sedition.

If indeed the government did accuse you of sedition, it would seem to me that the ACLU would come to your aid and defend your position.   Both on the internet and in general because of your beliefs; as an American citizen you have the Constitutional freedoms of speech, press, religion and pursuit of happiness.  Nowhere in our Constitution does it describe what a man or woman’s expressed ‘happiness’ is, as long as you are not causing physical, emotional or mental harm to others, which you are not, there shouldn’t be any issues.

If someone is not happy with what you are producing, then do not read it!  Like watching TV, if you do not like what is on the channel, change the channel or turn off the television!

It is my hope that you find success, I personally believe that your focus should be on business, as that seems to be your strongest area of expertise.  If we, as a group, can begin to recover the small businesses of this country, I believe that the rest will fall into place.  However, it is going to be a stony path as there is a great deal of greed driving business these days.

It would seem to me, that by helping people get what they want, which is usually better health and finances, you will get what you want…and that is a win-win situation.  My goal, to leave a brilliant light behind…is the secret of life…to shine as much brilliant light into the darkness as possible and to take the stumbling blocks in life and set the standard for turning them into stepping stones toward our future.


Cat C.

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