I have pulled up from stagnation


When I was very young, I was full of life. I belived in life and everything good in it. As time went on there were things that happened in my life that kept draining my beliefs. To understand my fustrations, I would like to take you briefly on my 40 year journey.
It started in the third grade when I started to question autority.(When in reality I was asking honest questions.) All of a sudden from that time, I was considered as a trouble maker in the school system.( How much trouble can one be at 7 yrs. old.) At age 16 I was told to quit school or be put into a program for troubled teens(parents would have no say.) So I ended up leaving school,got a job,my G.E.D.,and entered the world of so called reality. And reality hit me hard!
At 19years old. In a traffic stop, In which I was the passenger of the car, I became a victim of police brutality,where my arm was broken. I had to go through 3 different courts,Which by the way took 6 years before any resolution. Personally I would have been happy to remove this officer from ever wearing a uniform again. Instead to this day, This officer is a chief of police.If you can belive that!!
At age 27, I went back to school. And at 28, I bought a nice little business. At age 33, sitting inside a building,. A drunk driver came through the building and hit me. Bouncing back from that was long and hard, from therapy,monetary,reltionships,to having to deal with the courts again, which took 4 yaers. My buisness started declining,and had found an employee stealing alot a money from me.With struggle I finally pulled up from this. But now things were diffrent. I started to stagnate in every area of my life including beliefs.
At 39, I was put in a position where I had to use physical force to protect myself, From a woman that physically attacked me. When law inforcement showed up, I was arrested on bogus charges of assult and intent dui. To this day I am still dealing with these bogus charges.
At this point in my life, I had lost my faith in society. Felt that to be honest was just going to get me in more “trouble”. So I started to give up on everything I belived in.

Thats when I was introduced to Neothink, Mark Hamilton, the secret heirlooms, a society of people who all believe in honesty wealth romance and happiness. And not a minute to late!!!
I have pulled up from stagnation. Because I can see the big piture again as I did when I was young.

Thank you Neothink
Sondra M.

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