I have my life to give you for all the wonderful concepts and knowledge you have…

Dear Mark,

I have my life to give you for all the wonderful concepts and knowledge you have put together in your literature to help me see through the illusions of life and the world around me.  I’ve begun to question everything and see through to what is.  I see how the rule-of-man has become magicians who camouflage what is real to the public. I see the need to remove that camouflage and awaken the public to realize how the illusions are dragging them down into poverty, misery, and unhappiness. Your literature has brought tremendous light into my life. Your Neothink literature has shown me a new way of seeing and thinking through life. Your literature is the way to removing that very camouflage that blinds all of us.

I have been very mystical all my life and have accepted it as the norm.  Today, I’m doing away with mysticism within me slowly but surely, the proven method that is in the Neothink literature.  I’ve become very happy and want everyone to experience that happiness we all once experienced when we were little children before the age of six years old. Neothink literature shows you how to rid mysticism and live a happy and prosperous life.  Wake up America and smell the beauty of living a wonderful life.  You will not despair when you read Neothink literature with an open mind. See for yourself how the new way of thinking will take you to the next level, and to the next level.  Remember when you were between 2 to 6 years old how you enjoyed doing what you liked.  You saw no barriers or restrictions to whatever you attempted to do.  You felt no fear, only love and happiness. Life was so beautiful then.  Why don’t we want to feel that anymore?  What is stopping us from enjoying that world of happiness over and over again?  Neothink literature will elaborate and clear your mind of all these questions.  It would enable you to think beyond what you are capable of thinking today.  Try it for yourself and see the results.  Remember, always keep an open mind when reading this wonderful literature and reap the rewards that were yours for the keeping from the beginning of your life on this earth.

Mark, thanks again for solving the puzzle of life and helping us through these hard times. You are truly a genius the world has never known.  You will go down in history as the one who opened our eyes to reap a better future.

Sincerely and with pure love always.

Elizabeth Lizzy A

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