I have much i can write on Mr. Mark Hamilton

Hi Mr. Hamilton, it’s Patrick. Hopefully everyone is managing well with Neothink Society, that is what is to be expected, the greatest persons on Earth are Neothink. It is interesting holding all this power Mr Hamilton. I don’t abuse it, you know that. Yet it is interesting to see others change as they slowly find out about me. So, if some one I had known for length suddenly becomes filled with nervous tension because they didn’t first know this of me, I fell I handle it well. Yet there are so many different individuals that know me in a different way on the course that I still lead. Some days a person may had spoke with me in a bad mood, some days a good mood. And, yes, i had both sides eval me during each process, yet at the norm level, bottom, most can not seem to understand the changing conscious effects. I am still me, yet they all of a sudden are worried about me and I have what I need or they get nervous or they don’t even speak because  they can’t not seem to comprehend end pure power. It is really phenomenal. I was sitting in the park reading my book, and this extremely powerful atmosphere surround my entirety, explainable only if those had been through my process. The magnitude effects others, which is difficult for them to manage it seems, so i remain as focused as can be, yet there are only a few I speak to. There is only one I value the most and trust the most and prefer if everyone goes through her to speak to me, her name is Terri Ann Murdock, my #1 in e-mails and communication to keep me grounded in communication. She makes sense and is powerful as I had given to her. Yet, at this time I am doing all I can to regain her as my lover and soon to be wife. And, I do request all to favor her and appreciate her as a value to our society and the globe at large. I have much i can write on Mr Hamilton, you know that better then any other wonderful and perfect neothink member. I am a little different, i realize that. too, the power wrongly used can be a potental hazzard. I never make that mistake. Never!
Terri will fair well, and I have her in and guarded, and need to upgrade all her areas, any techer’s that can help provide that assistance in theri time I would humbally appreciate. Your manual is flawless. The content is far beyong what anything else offers. Yet, I think the SOCITIES cames to me and were interested in me becasue of something of a new thought, non bicameral, like what is mentioned in vol #2 which I had to re study again. It is perplexing, this thing about me I have to try to find a way to describe it. I think if I did others relly would be concerned. That is where I perfer to speak only to you the day we finally meet, yet in strict privacy. Does anyone have a clue as to what it is like to be so sensitive and in tune with your surrounding of every last thing? Can they feel a glow about them, a radiating electric field in some sense? Can they really see beyond what the eye can see? I can. I had many visions myself, prior to taking plalce. Mr Hamilton? I really could use your help. I want Terri back in my life. Volume two explains that, to regain your ex lover. Well, she is more then that, she is my definition of perfect for me. She is like me on the inside. I don’t want to be with any other woman, regardless of anything. I want to improve her life and restore what her and I had going for us both. Also, Mr Hamilton, I need her to pass her inspections between April 21 through the 23rd with Cornerstone Services. That is important to me. They cut the budget in Social Services twice in the last seven years which lessened employees. As a result many  are behind on their paper work. If the state walks in to inspect, scarf, or garf, or what ever the acronym is, they need to walk in there with the pre concieved notion that they cut the budget and they  might see many behind on their work and many that are not. It might be a mix bad. I do know Terri gives every effort that she can to accomplsih the best she can, and she is in the soiciety with me , so I am being honest here as is my nature unless I am fishing for proof of a persons conscious. too, I had made contacts to get her BAC loan mod approved. I stopped by the Congtress woman’s office and spoke to her consultant, Jeramy, and I filled out a form on behalf of Terri for extra help in her situation and had mentioned the above. So tht is one adgenda. Another is pure power, unbelievable tomost when they see me lately and relize it all. Some of them are awe struck. What is it about me Mr Hamilton? Someof the things are a little bizzare to say the lest yet perfectly understandable in new thought, not bicameral, like the JESUS mentality that almost broke into supernatural mental power. I really is a higher functioning mentality. If wrongly used, during a temper, would you predict a person with that ability could casue an earthquake or a storm ? You know what I mean. The human brain is 8mhz, the same as a ELF wave Mr Hamilton, yet most don’t realize that and can never achieve it, in fact I would say maybe one or two persons on the entire earth could do something like that, maybe a handful more. Study the new mentality you have written. escaping the bicameral. i know exactly what that conveys in total meaning. Mr Hamilton, i written to Donald trump, asking him for support. I written to him tday by way of e-mail. I am pushing to get the economy up in Joliet, Illions and the larger community of Will County so these citizens can restore their lives, can you pass word. i asked Mr trump for help in by passing zonning laws so we can get a major corp to build a sky scrapper in Joliet, we need it, Will County is growing like no other. I am giving Terri my permission to mention things on my behalf, and  if others speak to her before talking to me, or then the few persons I do speak to. Terri is a wonderful person and exquisite in the ability to communicate more appropriately then everyone i had met. She has an open mind to everything as well. well, I have to get some rest for my mind. If you support Terri, then I accept any and all, she is as a value as any person on this planet, even the misguided and she deserves much credit and merit. too, do know she does favor privacy in her life, so plese keep others at a distance and give her room and space. That is a personal request to all involved. Now, lets get the ball rolling for all Neothink members and lets all join someday in perfect unison. we all are capable of greatness and I firmly beleve that. Ihold each and everyone of you as perfect examples, and everyone I meet normally. Yet I do own a orivacy need jsu as Terri. Now whenI was down town for example, which was perfect for an example, I was reading my litature and everyone left me alone, un bothered. and then and there I again as before had this illuminating powerful feeling enveloping my entirty, I can really feel the magnatude of it. Donote, and this is for notice to all others as weel, Mr Hamilton owns copy right and editing rights to anythingI had or will write in the future. Tha is my choice, and also Terri is my #1, and request her honor and privacy and respect, just like how you would honor and respect each other in the society or not. we are beyond a marginal difference then the norm, and I am ready to win, i am also ready for wealth beynod belief, I too deserve that. good night to all of you, and keep your thoughts and your studies up, I will do the same.
Patrick B. R.

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