I have had many years readership now and still the Neothink literature..

I have had many years readership now and still the Neothink literature delivers new values.  I have attained such a picturesque connection with life through the limitless potential of my mind.

Some say I have changed so much.  I have matured in character, outlook and direction in a short time.

Now we have the chance to make a better world and Mark Hamilton has made it possible through his writings and teachings.  With all the super-innovations of the movements and programs rising from the Neothink Society, the world will never be the same.

All the literature is so valuable and it is exciting to read and read again, the effect is greater every time.  I can only imagine what I’ll know and how I’ll be in a few years.

With Neothink in my hands and mind I am more fearless and still feel lucky, blessed and healing.  We can achieve greatness and heal the world with love for fellow beings.

The effect of studying Neothink has set wheels in motion in the universe for me. People I meet benefit from my healing presence.  Set free from unreal limitations, I juggernaut untethered toward more creativity, life, business and love.

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