I have greatly benefited from Mark Hamilton

I have greatly benefited from Mark Hamilton. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s books, and with that being said, my eyes have opened to the real world and the “illusions” that some  people have made us see. Before I read Mark Hamilton’s books, I did not realize the harm and danger that these VILLIANS  have brought to the table and have forced us to accept. The wonderful values that Mark Hamilton and the entire secret Society including Dr. Frank R. Wallace have introduced to me and others, have made my life and the lives of the entire secret Society better! Because of Mark Hamilton, including the views of the (TVP) and the whole aspect of Neothink, I have come to realize that first, what some people say is not true, and that those so called heroes ( I.e. villians) take everything out of context to make themselves seem greater than they really are, just to make others like Mark Hamilton and the rest of us seem small. Wherefore, those who are attacking NEED TO STOP!!! You do not have any right to say bad things about others especially Mark Hamilton! In fact, you need to leave us alone. To those of you who are attacking us, the only reason you are saying bad things against us, is to make people see the illusions, and instead of being honest, you are the whole version of dishonesty.  You are a coward and a lowlife who is worse than scum and bacteria. You are a parasite who gets great pleasure from attacking others. In my eyes, this is what I consider a crook which is someone who takes values from people, and gives us what is left which is absolutely nothing! If I were given the chance to accept Mark Hamilton and the values he brings versus what these “parasites” and what they bring, I would choose Mark Hamilton and The Secret Society any day. I feel like the luckiest person alive and I have become better because of him. He has taught me to be an honest person  who builds value for others. Joannie K.

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