Now that I have finally made it to Level 12, and Mentor instead of Apprentice, where do I begin!  
The appropriate place to begin is to Mark Hamilton:  Thanks Mark for all the time, training, guidance, and instruction you have provided over the last couple of years.  Thank you for the Prime Literature prior to that which is the basis of my understanding and vision now.  Thank you for bringing me LIFE and the ability to Neothink!
As a child growing up, I was always the smallest one around, therefore, the one the playground bullies enjoyed the most.  Until 7th grade, I was the smallest of my class (even smaller than the girls) and bullied, beaten, shoved around, degraded at every opportunity.  Didn’t do much for my self-pride, but I did learn to, at the least, protect myself from serious damage; and on a few occasions even made an effort to stand up and be heard.  
My mother was a screamer and beater; it seemed like nothing made her happy!  Dad was the silent type, who sat in his chair with his cigarette and beer and let the world flow by; but somehow we understood that he did love us in his own way.  He was a steel worker; mom was a typical stay-at home mom to raise the kids.  When things got to be more than I could handle with mom’s constant yelling and swinging, I would grab my gun, by fishing pole, my knife, and disappear in the back-woods for hours or days at a time.  Here I learned that the world around us has so much more to offer than the civilization I was being beaten into submission to.  The stars in the country sky; the birds singing in the breeze, the animals scampering in the underbrush … THERE is where I found happiness and life!  
In school I was on the track, soccer and wrestling teams; and did very well.  My favorite sport was wrestling, and I was #6 in the state at 120 pounds my senior year.  I was actually in the running for the 1968 Olympics at 127 pounds; but lost out when I broke my ankle in the semi-finals.  Yes, I was that good, and that close – but again, my accomplishments, my goal, was taken away!
Then, I graduated from high school and escaped as fast as I could into the Navy.  Remember those high school senior days?  Letters almost daily in the mail about “think about the Army”, “think about the Air Force”, etc.  Yup – I was thinking!  In the late 1960s what was going on?  Vietnam!  If I have to do military time (the draft was active then), I’m not going to wait till the government tells me where I fit; I’ll join the Navy!  Then, if I have to go to war, there will be tons of steel around me!  
And, of course, being a snot-nosed kid out of high school, what did I know about a career or my Friday Night Essence (didn’t know the term then, but from dad I learned, if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing!)?  My testing and abilities made me best qualified as a Hospital Corpsman – working with doctors and nurses in the hospital.  At least part of the time; the rest of the time was with the Marines as a front line Medic – ducking bullets and eating mud along with them; providing the emergency care when someone got injured or shot.  Ever watch MASH on TV?  My job was the same as Hawkeye – patching bullet holes and hassling nurses!  The only steel around me was that little pot sitting on my head!  One day I looked at that and thought – where did I go wrong?  Who did I tick off to deserve this?   A field of endeavor I enjoyed, but not in this situation.  
Well, that was only 6 years; the rest of the 20 years of my Navy career was:  3 years in a submarine as doc of the boat; 3 years on an aircraft carrier as assistant surgeon; clinical duties around the world in hospitals and clinics with clinical specialties of orthopedics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, urology, infectious diseases, allergies, immunizations, emergency room, surgical assistant, trainer and/or supervisor, etc.  I served 20 years of patient care, with 11 medical specialties total.  Being a healer was fantastic to say the least.
No longer the one scorned, snubbed or bullied; but the one everyone came to for patching up, easing pain, or just a shoulder to cry on.  I had found my nitch; I thought!
During this time I got married and had 3 wonderful children.  When my first child, my daughter, was about 1-1/2 years old, my wife said to me “I’m tired of playing house!” – and I knew then that this would not last; just like everything else in life.  I held it together for 25 years before I gave up the battle.  Can’t make a marriage when only one cares; and how many times must one hear from his own children “we don’t want you here” before he gets the message.  Another life built, another life taken away; another success/failure – which?
During this time I became very involved in the church.  I was a deacon in 2 Baptist churches, a trustee in another, an AWANA commander for 6 years, on a Christian school board for 6 years.  In the Navy I had worked with orphanages around the world.  With all this, I had over 3,000 who had called me “dad” or “unk”; but my own 3 would have nothing to do with me.  
I gave up and left.  My daughter accused me of being mentally, physically and sexually abusive (all false! Just done in anger).  She married a New York State Trooper, and he and/or one of his classmates were always somewhere watching me.  I got tired of being followed, waiting for me to screw up; so I left the state!  I now live in Florida.  During this time, I was severely depressed and probably should have been in a nut-ward.  Every morning I woke up my first thought was “damn, another day to put up with”.  Then, in the middle of this depression, my landlord’s daughter, a beautiful young teen, came to me and asked to have a talk about my past.  She told me she thought my daughter was a fool for doing that to me, and the comment she made brought me out of that depression and again to search for purpose in life.  She said “Look at me!  I’m not ugly!  If you were that kind of guy, you would have been all over me months ago!  But, you have never done or said anything out of the ordinary.  I love and respect you like an uncle – and your daughter is a BITCH!”  Tara snapped me out of that lowest point in life.  
I moved to Florida.  I have some family here; with my sister, a few nieces, their children, boyfriends, husbands, exes, children, probably about 50.  NONE of them wanted me here!  NONE of them have stepped foot in my home for the 12 years I have been in Florida, the 6 years I have been in my own house.  Again snubbed and pushed aside as if I am the dirt on the sole of their shoes.  

Then, Mark Hamilton found me!  I don’t know why, but I responded to his letters and purchased the prime literature.  I studied and grew in understanding.  Did I learn anything new?  Not really!  But I did learn that the things I believed that made me so “strange” to the rest and unwanted was the way things should be!  I learned that being a self-thinker is a good think!  I learned that setting goals and working hard create positive values for self and others is the ONLY purpose in life!  I again found joy and value in teaching and guiding others in understanding the teachings of the Prime Literature.  
I found that my childhood dream of building a farming community, providing jobs/homes for the homeless, a home for widows and orphans, a school the the children, a community of peace and love was not so unusual after all … there are over 2000 of us here across the nation with the same dreams.  Mark’s 12-vision world is the same vision I have had since the early 1950s.  I even had one beautiful lady with 25 years as an NT tell me – “Finally, someone who has the same vision Mark has!” when she evaluated our A-Team and Clubhouse setup.


I have finally been recognized for my faith, my beliefs, my dreams, my ideals – and Mark has promoted me with the first group of his Mentors!  I am one of the 300, as he calls us.  My business, Florida Space Coast A-Team, is one of the first 31 launched to assist the others.  My partner, Pablo, is more of a brother to me than any member of my family has ever been.  Now I can post on the Educational Board and reach THOUSANDS at once, instead of a handful.  Finally, I am the teacher, the value creator, the essence builder that I have always dreamed of being; and my visions of 5 decades is finally coming to fruition.  
And how did this all happen?  Because Mark Hamilton found me and gave me a chance.  Mark Hamilton had the open arms I had sought for 5 decades!  Mark Hamilton has the same visions and dreams that I have; and together we WILL bring this dream to light in this world of chaos and hatred!  
Charles “Doc” M.
CEO and Society of Secrets ® Mentor
Florida Space Coast A-Team, LLC

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