I have experienced a quantum leap in creative energy…

I am not sure what to say, Mark, somewhere around level four, my life jumped up many levels in both energy and direction.  I have been involved with the Santa Fe Opera which has consumed a tremendous amount of time.  At the same time has reaped rewards beyond my expectations.  At 65 I have taken up guitar, and painting.  I have undertaken the remodeling of my house in order to raise enough capital to pursue the next level of my overall plan.

I have experienced a quantum leap in creative energy that shows no sign of abating. I developed a writing form I call factional (thanks for the term) prosoetry.  I describe my first piece as ‘quantum mechanics meets art’.  I have developed building plans for the paradise communities based on an idea that I have been working on for over 10 years, but now have the impetus and direction to bring them to fruition.  My next step is to at least copyright the plans and eventually to patent them.  NT is the direction and force behind this endeavor, and I would be more than glad to discuss the plans with other members who are working on this area.  My photography which has been an integral part of my life for 44 years has begun to find some niches in the professional world.  People are calling me out for graphic design work.  What is amazing is that all of this is without a lick of advertising.  It is all in the plan.  You, Mark, know better than anyone, where/what that all means and came from.  And more important, where it is all going.

Together as individuals there is strength

Jared G.

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