I have been using Neothink principles for over ten years…

I have been using Neothink principles for over ten years with my patients and my students changing one person at the time, making them discover their “Friday night essence” and apply it to their daily activities, also making them divide their days in mini-days etc.  Well, as a professional in medicine and in higher education I can tell you about stories of success, among others students of mine who I find again 5 – 10 years later and they own their businesses and now they are employing other people and making everybody’s life have a better quality.  Among my patients, if I hospitalize 4% of my total No. of patients,  is too much because I do enforce big time ANTI-AGING principles, aka. advanced medical prevention, and the results are outstanding as evidenced by the great success of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE.  Change our society, one person at the time with strong principles and original characteristics that is my life time job and Neothink has been a super guidance.

Mark Hamilton, let’s keep working hard so the bicameral-mind way of thinking is a thing of the past!!  There is a lot of things to do.  I strongly believe: “Chi va piano va lontano” (Italian for ‘He who goes slow goes far’)

The Citizens of the Universe are in full bloom.

Dr. Ramon C de la T.

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