I have been searching and searching for years

I have been searching and searching for years and thought it was me wondering that there is a problem with government, something was off kilter. I could see it and feel it.
But I just could not get it.

Now after viewing the 3000 Year Old Secret it all makes sense to me and I feel energized and exhilarated that there is a real chance for a productive/effective government change.
We have been living in a contradiction allowing flawed-filled man to rule over us.
No person has the right to rule over another, and Prime Law will see that this never happens again.

We should be a government of service not power. A protection only government.
MY sincerest thank you to Mark Hamilton for bringing the 3000 year old secret to our attention.
I will see to it that this site is viewed by many, many people and will even speak about the content of the video.

My eyes are open, I am excited, extremely hopeful and encouraged to see that what is stated in this video becomes the reality it should be.
The Prime Law: You have my vote……..

Steve F.

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