I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s literature for over five years now

My name is Kjelene and I am friend, advocate and supporter of Author, Visionary and Founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s literature for over five years now. His books have become reference materials for all aspects of my business and personal life. He is a visionary that shares his secrets to success with those that just ask. Mark Hamilton has developed a new culture of like-minded people who have read his work and are now experiencing their own success and personal fulfillment in life and they are now helping others.

In my own business, I’ve always reached out to my clients for testimonials of my work and they have gladly offered them to me. This is why I must give you my testimonial of my involvement working with Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.

Six years ago I went through a dramatic change in my personal and professional life. Around that same time I received a letter from Mark Hamilton inviting me to read his literature. I purchased his books, devoured the material and learned that this man really cared about the readers success in life. He not only taught me about secrets to success in the business world, but also wrote about the psychology of living out your personal success in life. His writings began to make this change within me that I was searching for. I became more determined than ever to become successful. My surroundings improved with each written word that I read. I became stronger and learned to love that child within me that was buried for so long. The child of the past he calls it.

I was employed at a radio station and enjoyed my radio sales job, however, the more creative and stronger I became while reading Mark Hamilton’s literature, the more I noticed my values in business did not work with my current employer. I decided to leave that position and create my own radio show where I interviewed many different business people across America. I was successful, yet there was still something missing.

I continued to read the literature of Mark Hamilton and became more involved with Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society.

I met and engaged with other like minds that too had experienced change by reading his literature. I became fast friends with many of these men and women and today I call them family.

I then became more aware of Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party. I attended the weekly TeleSeminar calls and became more active. I then was asked to host the Sunday Twelve Visions Party National Call. The feeling of contributing to something greater than myself was extremely rewarding. The Twelve Visions Party was that something that was missing. I have always been interested in Politics, yet was always so frustrated with the current political climate. I sat on two Mayor appointed city boards in my community and learned fast that if you don’t play by their rules you’re out. I have always loved listening to political talk radio, yet found that the party-bashing and Hosts demeaning the callers became a frustration for me. It is one of the reasons that I created my own show.

After some time of hosting the Sunday National Twelve Visions Party call within the Neothink Society, I had a vision. I wanted to create a radio show promoting the journey of the Twelve Visions Party and its members…on the road to the White House with the Twelve Visions Party…somewhat of a reality radio show! Members within the Neothink Society as well as Mark Hamilton liked the idea and today I produce NTR Neothink Radio Network,  which airs its show in three states and growing. I work extremely hard behind the scenes securing sponsors, marketing the show as well as producing it. Why am I doing this? I am doing this to help bring awareness of the Twelve Visions Party to the masses. The people (including myself) are searching for a way out of this current political two party mess that the Republicans and the Democrats have created. The Twelve Visions Party and its platform of “Make all the People Rich including the Poor” will literally save the people. The Twelve Visions Party is the only party that will depoliticize America. It is the only party that will eventually eliminate itself. It is the only party with candidates that are NOT career politicians. It is the only party that will make all the people rich including the poor. It is the only party with a global movement and is the only party of the non-ruling class. If the Twelve Visions Party President does not take office, we the people will continue to experience higher taxes, poverty and poor health. My life’s work now is devoted to this cause. I truly believe that one man can make a difference in our world. Today I support this man, Mark Hamilton who’s visions for a world of wealth, health and peace have now become my visions. This man, Mark Hamilton came into my world and changed it for the better. It is now my mission to bring that message of real change to you, the reader. I am willing to communicate furthur with you if you have any questions. My e mail is Producer@NeothinkRadio.com

Your Friend in “real change”,


Kjelene M. B.

Creator/Producer NTR Neothink Radio Network

Kjelene M. B.
Neothink® Radio Network

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