I have been a member of the wonderful family of Neothink since long time ago

Dear Mark,

I have been a member of the wonderful family of Neothink since long time ago.  I have been introduced to a philosophy of honesty, care for my fellow man, in a way that help is in the form of teaching him how to work, how to feed himself and how to put his own mind to work and create things, along with a handout to start his new life.

This showed me that we must use the head when helping others, not only with money, but asking them to do or to show what they can do for themselves in a way that being direct is not offensive or diminishing.

Help, yes, we are a nation of charitable people, but I don’t have money to give to all the people that ask for it.  The thing I can do is help one to stand up and ask him to do the same for another, help one at a time.

We all have some skill that can help to make a fellowman or woman to stand and feel they are not alone, but that his/her countrymen are here to help, especially in this time of crisis.

And yes, this is, what we at Neothink in the company of Mark Hamilton discuss, how to help others to help themselves and by creating something, it is only when the mind gets creative, that Man can grow.

We believe that our fellow citizens will thrive when government allow its citizenry to be creative and create jobs, not that the government interfere the economy with handouts.

We believe that creation of jobs must be a trait of the free economy without the intrusion of the government.

We at Neothink, look forward to the intellect of Mark Hamilton that with the creation of his wonderful novels and stories that make us longing for a wonderful world, where honesty, creativity, love, honor, care, and fellowship could exist.

Thank you,


Fred B.

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