I have been a loyal purchaser of Mark Hamilton’s books

The honest, rational, and contextual “Neothink” (meaning New Technology System of Thinking or Next Evolution of Conscious Thought) identifications and integrations of reality that the primary author of the literature, Mark Hamilton, provides to each individual reader, is simply the most valuable and LIFE-enhancing material ever written.  The values Mark Hamilton has provided to myself and my loved ones are immeasurable.

I have been a loyal purchaser of Mark Hamilton’s books now for over FIFTEEN YEARS.  Every single purchase I have made from Mark Hamilton and/or the Neothink Society has over-delivered on its value immensely.  In fact that is exactly why over the years I have recommended this literature as the best investment any individual can make in themselves, their loved ones, and the world’s future.  When I decide to make multiple purchases from a company over a long period of time and thus become a loyal customer of theirs, I look for the business that provides the best value for my money in the specific area of expertise I am seeking knowledge in.  Mark Hamilton & his Neothink Society are the EPITOME of that value I seek.  Their products have continuously exceeded my expectations and that is the sole reason I choose to continue to purchase their products.  

Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Society have brought exquisite clarity, justice, consistency of beliefs, and happiness to my life over the past couple of decades and I know that I am far from alone in these sentiments and experiences.

In FIH (Fully-Integrated Honesty),

Darren U.

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