I have always wondered why everyone has to die

I have always wondered why everyone has to die.  It just doesn’t seem right with all the technology that we have today and the great doctors why does anyone have to die?  Then Neothink came into my life and what a blessing because my questions were answered.  There is so much that we could do if the government butted out.  People do not have to age or die.  It’s a shame that our good old government lies to us and what is sadder is we believe them.  I encourage you if chosen to get Neothink, read it and live it.  Neothink is the best guide in life I have ever read.  It teaches you how to organize your time, your life and much more you just have to have an open mind.  I promise it will be a blessing in your life too.  Thanks to all the reach and studying that Mark Hamilton has done, it has changed my life for the better.

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