I got this letter from Mr. Mark Hamilton

I can still remember that day back in 2005 when I got this letter from Mr. Mark Hamilton. In it, it said that can find health, wealth & prosperity & all I had to do was read it and apply what have read. It was & has been a hard road to go thru but as I kept reading and applying these rules to my life. These are not rules in the normal sense but in the way i break them down. My health is getting better and my financial situation is really going well and all this at a time when people are losing jobs, losing homes and much more. I am so happy that I was able to respond to this letter. I would to tell you what I and my do from time to time. One evening she asked me to sit next to her while watching a game show call “The Wheel of Fortune”. As we sit there, I started giving the correct answers before the contestants. She asked me if I know the next question & I said no because it’s not on the board yet. Well, after the show was over, she told I needed to be on this show. I said no way and after that, I think she was playing with me on the next day because she had tuned in to the “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. And as they would go up the list, my wife would look at me as if to say ”well are you going to say something”. Well, after the question is shown, I would give my answer and the show would let everyone know if the answer was right or not. I would get 6 out of 10 right. Then I realized I was not using my mind as I had done before so I would just relax and let mind be clear. I got even better at it as time goes on. Now when something don’t feel right or I start drifting off course, I just set my sails and readjust. I have a compass on my headboard just as a reminder nothing is impossible, hard, yes it is. Thank you Mark for pointing the way, for all I had to do was to go in right direction and for all of this I have been blessed.

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