I found the “3000 year old secret” by Mark Hamilton

I had almost given up hope when I found the “3000 year old secret” by Mark Hamilton. Back in the fifties I found out about the “Federal” Reserve System and how far “gone” our independence was. When I saw and listened to “3,000 year old secret” a great surge of hope AND KNOWING surged up from deep inside. Now I KNOW the population of this once-great Republic will become aware of the degradation they are living in. I had been trying to “WAKE UP” for years and when I read the PRIME LAW I knew that deliverance was at hand. I am 101% committed to the Twelve Visions Party as (In my opinion) this is the ONLY SOLUTION to the many problems facing the human race today. Someday I hope to be fortunate to shake your hand and thank you in person MARK HAMILTON. Thank you!

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