I first was pitched by Mark Hamilton’s Neothink back in 1999…

I first was pitched by Mark Hamilton’s Neothink back in 1999, I believe, and dismissed it as an obvious hokey scam.

I’d begun reading other revisionist history authors however; Jared Diamond, James Webb to name two, and it became clear that the truth was right in front of us.  Just underreported.

So again, I was contacted by Neothink in 2006 and this time on a whim, I ordered some of the material. I confess much of what I read were concepts I’d garnered from my own research.

The greatest value I got was HOPE. An organization devoted to freedom of THOUGHT.

My children had gone thru both public and private schools and the difference in how information gets  formulated between the haves and the have not’s is subtle but disturbing.

The epoch genius and ingenuity of Archimedes and the impact of one man’s mind on the average 3rd century foot soldier as well as the pageant of history, is largely out of reach for too many students.    The trials and tribulations of the Labor Movement and what the political dialogue was @ that moment in American History are all but lost in a post McCarthyism vacuum.

Mark Hamilton brings the pageant of history into the light of truth for the advancement mankind. A great treatise to how wrong our current system is going is “Capitalist Realism” is there any alternative? Written by Mark Fisher, an educator teaching in London.

The alternative has been offered by Mark Hamilton.

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