I find it very good

I find it very good as I do believe we have in our hearts to do good. But one thing I heard you mentioned the legal word.
I have a hard time with that word as for one thing I believe they would not have that word back in those days.
All things legality is not reality and based ob fiction The government word also means control mind.
Government should move as I cannot see them as any good at all if you look at the past all seemed to fall into the trap of all out control and lies and deceit.

Metty S.


  1. Naida Disla says:

    I have been part of the Neothink Society for over two years. I cannot tell you how important it has been for me to discover that I don’t have to follow the leader that our society seems to believe is the only way to survive. I love being a creator of my own actions and following my own decisions when I create value. I love my Neothink family and I feel proud that I am part of a society that is free thinking and willing to change to a better life.

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