I felt alive when reading the books …

dear mark,
this was the second time you had tried contacting me. The first time about 7 years ago. I bought your god-man book. I read it didn’t get much out of it at first (got frustratred finding my fne and couldnt) at that time. When the first information came to me last summer. I knew that this was something that  I really needed to look at.  I felt alive  when reading the books and this seemed an answer to a prayer of mine. about 3 weeks before this came I was at church and when  I prayed I knew I was at a crossroads and asked for help. Just like that your heirlooms showed up. I got so much out of the heirlooms and started making small steps in seeing that there is more in the world than the illusions there but i was getting frustrated because my life wasn’t turning around instantly like other testimonials .Right now my financial shape and job status is worse. I am getting ready to take a sales job in Insurance and for once i have a real desire to go out and “go for it” which i never have had .before. the job i have now i have been in 8 years and now absolutely despise it.
After seeing level 3 I feel that i want to get heavily involved in the neothinkmovement. I also realize now some of that in the books was to capture both minds so i dont feel a failure and have a burning desire to become really involved in the movement and feel my internet businesses and the sales jobs are going to be great for me.  my feeling now is the world is ready to open up and all the frustration i have felt ever since i been on my own is to be a character builder for me and is ready to come to an end. thanks for giving me hope again.

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