I feel what you’re saying is so valid

So true, that sometimes it’s all too easy to forget the love that lies between you and your lover, your spouse, your most important person…people let the stresses and strains of life push between them and their loved one. Then later on come the regrets. And I feel what you’re saying is so valid, Mark, that often all they’re really needing is some deep level reassurance that they are still important and needed. Unfortunately, people often don’t know how to verbalize these kinds of feelings, or even recognize in themselves what they truly free and needed; instead they act out their insecurities and relationship doubts, all too often to the detriment of the couple. But if either person can be patient and continue to be loving in those difficult circumstances, then they can pull through those tough times with an even deeper love, a deeper trust and understanding…the kind of depth of love that we all can only hope to find. I feel that it’s when a couple gets to that point of commitment, passion, trust and love, that you really reap the bounties of Love. May we all find that in this lifetime!
Lisa N.

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