I feel the most wonderful opportunity is right before me,

Dear Mark Hamilton,

I wish to try express to you in words how truly grateful I am, to you and your family for this chance you have given me to change my life for the better. Without your help through your writings and my precious collection of M.G. Manuscripts I would not have ever been able to see through the illusions.

As I recognize my mysticisms and begin to rid myself of them, I feel a comfort inside of me that I have not felt before. Even though many areas of my past have disintegrated, as well as my old relationship, I see a new picture piece that will fit into place in this large puzzle and help to change many lives for the better.

I feel the most wonderful opportunity is right before me, without your writings I never would have seen the common denominators that helped me to see where I wanted to go. An opportunity that is so large, I find myself at times crying tears of joy. I also realize that I can have more than just one piece in the beautiful puzzle that we will integrate together through our efforts and values that we put into society, with the TVP and you Mark Hamilton us safely into a better world, and to the pure honest good of humanity.

I wish to give my thanks to the Neothink Society and to the many members who have put so much of their time and love into building and sharing their many values and integrations with other members. I will always honor this time in my life and look forward to meeting other members in the future.

With the Twelve Visions Party and all of the Neothink Society members I feel so much hope for the future of my family and my grandchildren.

Thank you, Mark Hamilton, Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society.

Brenda H.

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