I feel honored

Mark Hamilton,  

Thank you from the center of my heart.  I feel honored to be amongst this great group of guys, whom you love and trust with your family’s work.  This has come at a perfect time.  I made the decision, over the past week, that I am finally willing to accept money from my undying desire and passion to help others.  I have earned a man’s wages for decades because of my thinking and efforts. I gain so much happiness, and feel so energized by the power of helping others, that the universe has always provided more than I need.  

This past year was like 4 years of college, and I am ready to earn to pay back my indebtedness to TVP.   Some know, that I walked from a high-paying job, based upon personal principles, and stepped in, by choice to help usher in the TVP’s success.  I know I cannot be part of the A-C anymore. I see this blue much more effective than previous golden parachutes that left me with nothing to hang onto.   Now that I understand the strategy and power behind this particular product, and the compensation plan, I am finally ready to place it in my project list.  My ex husband was in Amway, so, I have seen, and felt the power of mentorship and retirement parties!  That power is exponential with GIN, as I look forward to helping others retire, not just from a job, but, from the A-C!

I took the time to read the attached invitation, listen to all three audios, and sign-up (for you to test thank you MG).  I learned more from the audios than I have known.  When KT was speaking in Chicago I was tearing down vendor displays to prepare for the move to another floor.  I have not been involved in MLMs, so, these audios, opened me up.  I am sure, if they worked for me, they will work for others like me who have not wanted to be involved in MLMs.

I honestly love you guys, and thank you for letting this “guy” tag along!  I have been moved to tears by this generosity.  Today was made beautiful as:  we hit 500 members peeking into Facebook’s TVP Wall of Value Creation, had a facebook message from Anthony Ward, and, I can finally see myself willing to become extremely wealthy helping others, while keeping up with you!

Appreciation Hug,
P. S. – I did sign up, and pay $1k, to be a member under MH, but, failed to pay my dues recently.   I am being completely honest, so, this Neothink Expansion Power Think Tank can succeed.  I was signed up to go to the D. R., with Patricia L. as a roommate, and have a mess there too!  I am, however, teachable and have a willingness to learn 😉 because I feel at home here.  The month of January is the month my mother died, and then exactly 10 years later a politically driven businessman dishonestly took my lease out from under my successful business that I loved.  I am grateful to have this wonderful blessing in January!   How was that for a full-disclosure testimonial?

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