I feel great about what I read…

Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

It is an honor to be asked to express myself on behalf of the Neothink movement.
This is the first time in my personal history I have stopped long enough to read a book that was more than 3/8th of an inch thick. I started these books and settled in on them with a vengeance. I devoured them and for very good reason. This is wisdom that I have always felt that should exist and a way human function should be fashioned. Clean open ended honesty and those that achieve should be honored and their valued achievements should produce value and wealth for all involved without fear of it being suppressed or stolen, even worse buried.
As we are observing in our government trying to develop a universal medical coverage system. How backwards and suppressive a system could ever be developed except in the hands of those we see doing it now. Every single aspect of it is backwards. Where in this universe should someone’s life be considered on a profit worth basis or weather the person qualifies for a certain quality of life. as the example of making well or drugging until dead.
Why on earth would money be paid to an insurance company to make some one well. They have notoriously found ways to spend money on greedy pursuits continually at the cost of those paying premiums. Why isn’t the money going directly to the medical establishments to be used directly and unhampered by government control and allowed to buy the best equipment, do the widest range of research, be the most innovative, hire the greatest in the fields of care and research, again totally unhampered by regulation by those who do not know medical anything.
Prepaid medical, for instance has been around for some time. Paid in directly to the hospital where 90%+ paid directly to the medical facilities and a mere small % paid for administration. Where the hospital has a reserve of money to do with in their development of highest quality service to those members signed up. The whole system built from the ground up for quality of function and service, testimonial driven and producing great momentum. Momentum that would drive the whole system to change.
How inexpensive would it be with all the politics and middleman greed gone. None of the BIG BONUS deals for the big boss who takes the big bucks and sets up companies overseas to compete with his own homegrown industries avoiding the normal guidelines of safety and quality controls, putting his own country out of business. Have you seen any of that recently, if not , you haven’t been looking too close.
I feel great about what I read, I am inspired at what I see happening, I see why those that see so straight and true show how crooked the crooked really are, how this process and movement makes the crooked show up like sore thumbs. I am so pleased this is happening. I am proud to be an even so small a part of this. I tell everyone I possibly about this. All my e-mail buds get directed to TVP Facebook activity and national website.
Let the media show up and make their noise, it’s good for us. Noise brings attention and who has credibility, who has credentials. who actually has something of value to say. Why has the tea party movement taken on so much force? They wouldn’t be on so many tongues or talk shows if the media wasn’t calling them terrorist, radical, etc continually. WE like THEM are common folk, mothers, fathers, grand fathers, workers, teachers, plumbers, garage men, just about every walk. Making something happen and being noticed because the scared ones are squealing like they are being scalded, or maybe they are. In their own stew, maybe.
Keep it up, let them come, make them squeal, listen closely to what they say, nothing better than a good laugh, and then some pity for their arrogant stupidity.
Very sincerely yours, long time member,
Harold J. P.

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