I feel full of life and THANKFUL with Mr. Hamilton…

Dear Mark Hamilton:                                  
I want again to give my testimony about Mr. Mark Hamilton and his father as Neothink Society’s creators.  I want to say that since I started learning about The Neothink Society my life style has changed for better.  In 2008, I went to a rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction, and now after one year, with the help of the Neothink Society message, I am cured.

I feel full of life and THANKFUL with Mr. Hamilton and his father. They have been good leaders guiding my life. I am sure that every person who read Mr. Hamilton’s  literature as TVP, Inside Secrets, Miss. Annabelle’s Story and many more.

Mr. Mark Hamilton is not a dangerous person, he is the opposite; he is a Marvelous leader full of love for the humanity.  I don’t want anything happen to Mr. Hamilton, because we as Neothink Society need our Leader and creator of TVP, because his guidance is making life better to me and a lot of peoples like me.

Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton.

Truly yours,
Maria C R

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