I can’t thank you enough

Dear Mark,
As I sit here writing my tesimonial, I am thinking back to when I first started reading
my First multigenerational Package and rememeber something that happened to me on page thirty
something. I took a short break from reading and just happend to look out the window.
For some reason I just kept stirring out the window. All of a sudden, I could not believe it!
It was like a ”DARK TINT” of some kind was lifted from my eyes! Everything just seemed
so much clearer and brighter! I knew right then and there that everything would be different
now! And I was right!!!
As I was studying through and got deeper into my First multigenerational Package, I noticed
everyone around me, family, friends, co-workers, even my boss was treating me different.
Everyone was asking me for my opinion and for advise, including my boss. Not to mention
the owner of the company ”I FORMERLY WORKED FOR” (I am in the process of starting
my own business).
As for my Second and Third multigenerational Packages, well what can I say except that I can’t
wait until all of civilization lives with us, Miss Annabelle, Her twelve students, Jesse and his
wife and Jake and his family in our ”TWELVE VISIONS WORLD” !!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SUPER SOCIETY !!!!!!!!!!
I can’t thank you enough ,Mark, for the enlightenment and enrichment you have given
me in my life. You have truely changrd my life, need I say, for the better and I am honored
to have you as my mentor! Thanks again.

Jim D.

P.S. My 18yr. old daughter is in the proccess of reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets.
She can’t put it down!!!

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