I cannot say enough for what Mark Hamilton…

I cannot say enough for what Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, and
The Twelve Visions Party has done for me.

It all started for me when I read the literature written by Mark Hamilton.  He
writes the literature in such a way that the light truly went on for me and I began,
little by little, to see everything around me for how it really was.

I then went on to the Neothink Society and joined with some of the most
loving people to continue to grow and see through the illusions all around us,
and to learn just exactly what the Twelve Visions Party will do for all of us as a society;
as a nation.

I now know who I really am and I feel empowered to live the way I am meant to
live with Happiness, Health, and Wealth.

Teri G.

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