I believe the clubhouse and workshop interactions are helping me hone my new Neothink skills.

My name is Diana S. and for many years I was the good girl doing what I was supposed to do, like going to work, taking care of my family and children, connecting with family and friends. I was a type A person always doing something that I felt was right. My underlying purpose at home, work or my personal life was to make a difference and truly reach out to people.

I didn’t realize until I read the neothink mentality that “making a difference” was my FNE. Whenever I would have a job I would learn the structure of that job anhd expectations of my boss and make sure to do those requirements no matter what, but I would always find a way to delve deeper into that job even through it was causing more work because I knew I was looking for a way to “make a diffference”. That is what put a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart.

Thinking big picture and finding ways to improve efficiencies make me happy to come to work. Even though I was always busy because I didn’t know the mini-schedule tool yet, I was excited to be here helping the people, my company, and in essence, myself, through unconscious neothink efforts. In my last job I actually created a new position for myself managing other workers, standardizing and focusing on cost savings efforts.

I am now learning the true value of a mini-schedule and consciously utilizing power thinking to help me find another assignment that can provide that wonderful FNE feeling. I believe the clubhouse and workshop interactions are helping me hone my new neothink skills. I am glad I’m a part of this new society and process.

I know each and everyone of you who are also looking to “make a difference” can utilize the rare opportunity of joining the workshop and clubhouse to also hone your skills and learn new ones to consciously find a way to your own FNE feeling. Come and join us in this wonderful membership and journey today.

Much love and light to all!

Diana S.

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