I began my journey with Neothink Society in August of 2004

I began my journey with Neothink Society in August of 2004. I received a written letter in the mail that told of opportunities that awaited me if I accepted an invitation to join the society. As I read the letter I became excited, a little nervous and, and skeptical all within that short span of time. However, I decided to answer the invitation and a short time later I received a booklet that explained more about the Neothink Society. Some of the opportunities spoken of are as follows; You will be exposed to information on how to develop a “Perfect Mind and Body”, also “The Person You were Meant to Be”, or in other words the values in my life that I can develop to the point of making significant enough to earn a substantial living, and also empower me to live a complete life free from debilitating “stress triggers”.

I mentioned only two of the many opportunities presented to me from the Neothink® Society, “Perfect Mental and Physical Health”, which have been of great interest to me most of my adult life and “Becoming The Person You Were Meant to Be”, which as explained by Neothink literature, turned out to be the solution to make the most progress and being the happiest person that one could be.

In concluding I acknowledge the founder of this valuable and much needed society, Mr. Mark Hamilton to whom I express sincere thankfulness for his compassionate contributions to all the inhabitants of this planet. As life is in constant motion and as progress continue, my life is poised to support and defend forever, Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society. Also, I intend to pass on knowledge about Neothink.

With (life offering value exchange),

Ogden Abdul-R

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