I ask everybody to support Mark Hamilton

It is sad to know that negative forces are still blocking and threatening your person.  I do not understand why people as they were blinds do not see your altruism and your philosophy, that has benefited so many productive good citizens including my self.

I have a message for this people that is against The Secret Society: “ STOP BLOCKING AND THREATENING  OUR LEADER MARK HAMILTON, RESPECT HIS FREE RIGHT OF SPEECH.”

Mark Hamilton has been always a protector of the right for everybody of living with equality, decency and dignity.

I, Maria R. ask everybody to support Mark Hamilton to be able to receive The Novel Prize of Peace.

STOP THE THIRTEEN YEARS OF THREATENING OUR LEADER, IT IS TIME TO UNDERSTAND THAT Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society is a marvelous philosophy to be known worldwide.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for been the person you are.


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