I applied Neothink to my life almost instantly

I am Christopher P., remember that name because I am gonna be a prosperous individual because of Neothink. I am 18 years old, I applied Neothink to my life almost instantly and with that knowledge, I got off my lazy ass and looked for work.  After looking for work for almost a week I apply for a car wash place and I run into a business man, dressed in work clothes with ‘express detail’ on his shirt. He offered me to work with him, we bonded. He now wants me to work with him and head other companies he is opening (i.e. Skateboard company, BMX company, and a jet ski outlet, to fix and sell jet skis). I’m gonna work at his detail company and by the end of this year (with hard work and saving up $$$) and I am gonna help him he said ‘ I’ve got bigger plans for you,’ either way my life is going into new and exciting areas.  Look for my name one day, because I’m gonna be successful, all thanks to Neothink by telling me to get out there and be productive.

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