I answered the call and ordered the books

At the crossroads of my life, filled with confusion, uncertainty, chaos, disappointment, and arrays of many other things; I had no where to rest my feelings. What or were does my destiny lie? That question, an unknown equation. I had written a song describing the emotions of not knowing what to do or where to go and I asked the Lord to show me the way please. I have been searching for so long what else is it to this gigantic ball of confusion?
The next year, I received the mysterious orientation letter and wondered what does this all mean? So, I answered the call and ordered the books and the rest became a remarkable part of my life’s history. My favorite book is Miss Annabelle. That is because each character connected directly to me in ways that made me feel that I was actually inside the story. Even though the characters were not exactly like my personality, but enough of the adventure related to some parts of my life’s experiences. I marveled and wondered – did the author know me personally in another life time or something? My life personally is filled with many stories. The Mark Hamilton Book was like receiving a unique technological gadget.

Let me explain. It was like again, standing at the crossroads and not seeing a pathway to take. While gazing blindly into the yonder; this gadget in the form of a book appears and opens. Then, magically roads that were invisible suddenly appear and layered with maps. Then, my body transformed into powerful engines of the mine that carried me over the roads to many destinations never before seen. Wow, what a powerful piece of technology! How can a book turn an ordinary person into a super nova engine with bright lights? Well that is the rejuvenating experience that everyone in the world needs to receive. It is like a gift of Life. Thank You Mark Hamilton for the wonderful Gift. “It is like an Adventure to Infinity and Beyond; Connecting Master Minds together as One.”

Thank You Very Much!!!
Debra W. D., Texas

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