I am so thankful to you

Dear My Mentor,

I would like to thank you once again, for choosing me as your apprentice. I am so thankful to you, for allowing me to be myself and bringing me deep into your Neothink family. I have learned that your father, you and your family have built such great community and am so proud to be among them. I have a deep respect and love for your father and you, both. Your father is very special person to me. I don’t know how many people feel the same way I do, about him. I do feel like, I mean, lot of things about him, believe or not. I understand that many people would not believe in what I am saying. I also sometimes don’t believe in myself, in what I am doing, because it does not match with my status. But I feel there is no choice for me, since I have chosen to be Neothinker, Honesty is one –way, as we all have learned. I followed my heart and trusted in you, only in you actually, from the very beginning. We all know, it is hard to trust in someone in this AC world. As you see, there is nobody left, including my mom, I am alone. Everyone there, believes that I am foreigner because I don’t think like them and did not live there for long time. Here, same thing, I am foreigner as well. So I have convinced myself as global citizen, it feels me better, since I am not belong anywhere. Most of the time I accept everything, except dishonesty since I don’t have any desire for anything, except to be who I am. I always prefer my relationship with anyone to be independent, from anyone or anything. I think it simply should be like that. As we all know, life is complicated. After my father passed away, as an older sister I tried to keep all my siblings together and close to each other. But it happened even opposite, because of too many factors, individual and social. I am trying to work on it, hoping that they understand me and themselves, since they are no longer young people. But I am so happy to be befriended with many Neothink friends here thanks to you. Obviously I don’t know about the world you live, the civilization of Universe. I am just imagining it must be beautiful frankly most of the time I am confused about it, how we can distinguish AC world and Civilization of universe and how to get there C of U. I think life should be constant movement. But currently it looks like there is no choice or no movement for me. But I feel there is lot to do. So I guess, I have to take some risk in order to move on. Often I reread my Neothink – letters and keep in my mind, theirs concept. Today, one of the letters caught my attention and I have reread it again and again. I am not sure, who wrote this letter to me, I did not find any name end of the letter. I like lot this letter.  It was written on Feb 14, 2015, I like lot what was written on page 7 and 12. I want to know who was written to me this encouraging letter and I have just one question about its concept. Hope, it would help me lot, in my further steps of my Neothink journey.  I believe that Neothinkers have more responsibility than anyone else, for ourselves and society. I think this is a real meaning of life. I know I made mistakes but I always make efforts to make them correct. I understand that I need to read more my Neo-Tech/Neothink manuscripts.

Entoya B.

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