I am so on board with what you are doing…

I am so on board with what you are doing and, what Neothink stands for. It supports my life-long belief that there was more to life than meets the eye! I know everyone knows that but, not many outside of the Neothink world realize it on such a deep level mentally. I know that’s where you come in. It has always been wise to begin expansion slowly. So lighter versions of the Neothink writing would be indeed the way to go. The teachings themselves have built strength of character in me to know that there like minded people out there like myself and, I not along but one of many truth seekers. Inclosing thanks to you and the Neothink writing we now have hope and can share it with the world! Which is the one thing they fear most as I said earlier. The truth will lead to knowledge and, that my friend is the road to true wisdom! So with that being said I wish for all to think about what I have written here tonight in the hopes that it might some indeed help along the path in life.

Glen R

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