I am ready to kick the can

Greetings Mark
As I listen to you discussing the idea of Playing as an Adult, it brings me back to when I was a Teenager and watching a movie, (I believed called “kick the can”) Where Senior Citizens were playing a game called kick the Can, as this old man kick the can outside his resident, He became a little BOY, his clothing became too big for him, when he went to the door, the others did not recognize him, except for these large oversize clothing that he was wearing. At first they taught he was a silly child, other seniors recognize him and decided to go outside and play with him, as they play KICK the can about the place, they all became children again, about the age of Miss Anabelle’s Children. Unfortunately for one senior who refused to participate, he stood by and watches the other’s. When all the adult’s became children again they all run down the Road. As this one senior watches them as they happily run down the road, he began to kick the can as well, but, it was too late, as he kick the down the lonely road, he looks like a crazy old man who has escaped from a looney house.
I am ready to kick the can with the rest of the Children/Adult’s right into the future with Mark Hamilton Neothink and TVP.
Thank You Mark.

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